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Go Team!

Welcome to the Bainbridge Ballet Dance Team page. Our talented students went through audition to make the team, and were then chosen for individual pieces to compete in regional and national competitions.

Our Results

IN10SITY 2017

  • Here's to Us- High Gold
  • Dance Off- Gold
  • Dreamer- Gold
  • The Way I do- High Gold
  • Magic- Gold
  • Bossanova- High Gold
  • Buzzcut Season- Gold
  • Unsteady- High Gold
  • Mommy Knows Best- High Gold
  • Sorelle- High Gold
  • Backpack- High Gold
  • Wild Horses- High Gold
  • Here's to Us- High Gold
  • Overalls
  • Bossanova- 1st overall
  • Buzzcut Season- 5th overall
  • Dreamer- 5th overall
  • Sorelle- 2nd overall
  • Wild Horses- 10th overall

Meet The Team

Coach Alex Says:

Devon F.
11 year old Devon has been dancing for 7 years. Her favorite class is jazz, and when she's not dancing she enjoys stretching and being lazy! She also loves to bake, and aspires to be a professional dancer when she's older!

Sarai S.
11 year old Sarai has been dancing for 6 years. Her favorite styles of dance consist of hip hop and jazz. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and sitting down with a good book!

Consistency, consistency, consistency! In attendance, in determination, in drive, in practice, and in energy. Practice it like how you'll perform it...otherwise you'll perform it like you practice! Go hard or go home! 206-842-1205

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